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NPBPAF founder, Celeste Goodwin, has been selected as one of the 100 Moms Changing the World by natinally renowned parenting website,  Celeste's nomination came from Sandy Gautreaux Clause, a registered nurse in Lafayette, LA.  What an extreme honor it was for Celeste to be chosen among the ranks of so many truly amazing women in the United States.  The award not only brings national recognition to the issue of undiagnosed hypertension and the mission of the NPBPAF but also a $5,000 donation to the NPBPAF to continue our work.  
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We are going to make a difference!

                Our goal is to create an awareness, both by parents and medical professionals, on the serious need for regular blood pressure monitoring for children.  We will accomplish this mission by educating parents on why they need to ask for blood pressure monitoring by their pediatricians.  As well as encouraging pediatricians and other physicians who treat children on a regular basis to make blood pressure part of routine vitals that are performed along with height, weight, and temperature.  We want the public of our nation to understand how serious and wide reaching pediatric hypertension has become.  The work  of the NPBPAF will include traveling the country on a mission to educate parent groups, medical support staff including medical assistants, LPNs and RNs  on the significant importance of regular BP monitoring for children.  Hypertension has rapidly become a health issue for the children of our country and is going undiagnosed for great lengths of time. 

All too often hypertension is not found in children until it has caused severe or even fatal consequences.   Pediatric hypertension can be linked to many different factors.  In many cases there can be serious renal/cardiac conditions as well as obesity causing it.  However, we don't want parents to think that only overweight children can suffer from this issue.  High blood pressure is called the silent killer because there are often no outward signs or symptoms.   If left untreated, these children can be left with many catastrophic effects
including heart attack, stroke, organ failure, vision loss, or even death.    

                 The staggering numbers of undiagnosed pediatric hypertension cases can be easily lowered by regular, routine blood pressure monitoring. There are still an alarming number of physicians in this country that don’t check blood pressure for children at visits in their offices. The act of taking blood pressure is non-invasive and causes no pain.  The goal of this foundation is to have all children by the age of three to start having routine blood pressure readings.  In order for this to happen there has to be an initiative taken to make blood pressure as routine as height, weight, and temperature.  For adults, blood pressure is typically taken as a routine vital at physician’s visits.  Don’t our children deserve the same?

                The NPBPAF also gives back by providing at-home blood pressure monitoring machines for families that can not  afford one.  This is a need necessitated by the number of children that have been diagnosed with hypertension and require frequent readings. 

                If pediatric hypertension is diagnosed at the earliest stages this will greatly reduce the amount of health care dollars that is being spent yearly.  This is directly related to the negative effect hypertension has on the body if left untreated.  Therefore, making more serious, invasive, and costly  procedures necessary to save a child’s life.  Including procedures as serious as organ transplantation.

                Through positive communication, education, and the help of many outstanding people in the medical field as well as the private sector, the NPBPAF will use our work as a step to keep the children of our communities healthy.

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Informative article for both physicians and parents with important information regarding a simplified table for screening children for hypertension and prehypertension.  The article is written in interview format as Dr. Andrew Schuman spoke with Dr. David Kaelber.  In 2007, David Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPH, co-authored a study indicating that pediatricians significantly underdiagnose children with hypertension and prehypertension. He noted that one of the major reasons for this was that the blood pressure (BP) tables in the Fourth Report on the Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment of High BP in Children and Adolescents were unwieldy, requiring physicians to look up BP values based on a patient's gender, age, and height percentile. The study was named one of the top 10 breakthroughs in cardiovascular and stroke medicine for 2007 by the American Heart Association, and earned a 2008 Health Breakthrough Award from Ladies' Home Journal.

Hypertension in children is real and it affects children everywhere.  Please take a minute to visit the caring bridge website of one very brave little boy who is battling with hypertension in the hardest struggle of his young life.  Tristan is one amazing little boy as is his family!

Article about the growing number of undiagnosed children with hypertension:

Useful article about the recommended guidelines for checking blood pressure in children: 


Article outlining easier guidelines for pediatric blood pressure screening:

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