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Our goal is to create an awareness, both by parents and medical professionals, on the serious issue of pediatric hypertension and the conditions which cause it.  We are accomplishing this goal by consistent education in the parenting community and professional relationships in the medical community.  Hypertension is often misunderstood as an adult only condition. The number of children that suffer from this condition due to heart, renal, or other conditions make it necessary for education on the issue. The lives and futures of all children depend on it. 


All too often hypertension is not found in children until it has caused severe or even fatal consequences.   Pediatric hypertension can be linked to many different factors.  In many cases there can be serious renal/cardiac conditions,  or possibly obesity causing hypertension.  However, we don't want parents to think that only overweight children can suffer from this issue.  High blood pressure is called the silent killer because there are often no outward signs or symptoms.   If left untreated, these children can be left with many catastrophic effects 
including heart attack, stroke, organ failure, vision loss, or even death.    


  The staggering numbers of undiagnosed pediatric hypertension cases can be easily lowered by  routine blood pressure monitoring. There are still some physicians in this country that do not provide blood pressure assessments for children at well visits in their offices. The act of taking a blood pressure reading is non-invasive and causes no pain.  The goal of this foundation is to have all children by the age of three to start having routine blood pressure readings.  In order for this to happen there has to be an initiative taken to make blood pressure as routine as height, weight, and temperature.  For adults, blood pressure is typically taken as a routine vital at physician’s visits.  Don’t our children deserve the same?


The NPBPAF also gives back by providing  no cost home blood pressure monitors to children diagnosed with a medical condition that requires frequent monitoring and their families cannot afford one. 

                If pediatric hypertension is diagnosed at the earliest stages this will greatly reduce the amount of health care dollars being spent yearly by possibly reducing the need for more serious, invasive, and costly  procedures necessary to save a child’s life.  Including procedures as serious as organ transplantation.

                Through positive communication, education, and the help of many outstanding people in the medical field, as well as the private sector, the NPBPAF will continue working to keep the children of our communities healthy.

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